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Yellow Red Bull Motor Biker Leather Jacket

Original price was: £298.75.Current price is: £223.95.
5 Safety Protections Yellow Red Bull Motor Biker Leather Jacket is the perfect fusion of the latest performance and fashionable style.

Rare Marlboro Man Formula Racing McQueen Leather Jacket Indian Motorcycle Jacket

Original price was: £297.00.Current price is: £217.00.
Rare Marlboro Man Formula Racing Leather Jacket made of premium quality cowhide leather. The beautiful design makes it attractive and anatomical fitting style with CE Approved armors provide best protection while you are on ride. The jacket is come with all necessary features. It has double lining. Fixed mesh lining and quilted removable lining.

Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary Varsity Jacket

Original price was: £370.00.Current price is: £170.00.
This old-school favorite is retooled to root for Harley racing team history. Our Limited Edition 120th Anniversary Varsity Jacket is

Harley Davidson Men’s Passing Link Leather Vest

Original price was: £125.00.Current price is: £85.00.
The Passing Link Leather Vest features a sleek and masculine cut, perfect for layering over your favorite tees or shirts. The leather construction not only adds a rugged edge but also promises exceptional durability, ensuring this vest will accompany you on countless journeys.  

Men’s Harley Davidson Brawler Leather Jacket

Original price was: £319.99.Current price is: £219.99.
Invest in the Men's H-D Brawler Leather Jacket, and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality that only Harley-Davidson can offer. Embrace the rebellious spirit, embody the untamed road warrior, and make a statement wherever you go. Order your H-D Brawler Leather Jacket today, and let your inner biker roar with pride.

Men’s Killian Riding Jacket | Harley Davidson Motorcycle Jacket

Original price was: £325.00.Current price is: £169.99.
Exceptionally practical. There's actually no alternate method for presenting the Killian Riding Jacket. This multi-season layer highlights solid Carbolex development with stretch boards and power-stretch additions for uncommon versatility and solace

Harley Davidson Men’s Gastone Riding Jacket

Original price was: £350.00.Current price is: £69.99.
Body armor pockets at elbows and shoulders. Padded back waist, shoulders, and elbows. Two-way zipper front. Zipper cuffs. Harley Davidson Men's Gastone Riding Jacket has Rein forced elbows and shoulders. 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material piping.

Men Glossy Green Bomber Jacket

Original price was: £199.99.Current price is: £154.99.
Men Glossy Green Bomber Jacket. Color: Olive Green Material: Suede Leather Inner Viscose Lining Rib Knitted Collar

Womens Black Leather Motorcycle Biker Vest

Womens Black Leather Motorcycle Biker Vest. Snap front Closure.Studded front and back with Slit

Women’s V- Neck Leather Zipper Vest- Brown

Women's V- Neck Leather Zipper Vest- Brown. V-neck vest with center zipper.Two outside welt pockets.

Womens Ladies Leather Waistcoat Motorcycle Biker Motorbike Fitted Cut With Laces

Womens Ladies Leather Waistcoat Motorcycle Biker Motorbike Fitted Cut With Laces. A premium Black leather waistcoat brought to you by Texpeed,

Introduction to Leather Motorcycle Jacket

A leather motorcycle jacket is a protective classic and iconic jacket, usually made according to the safety measures of the bikers on the road. Leather motorcycle jacket usually designed to protect from wind, rain, and cold and road rash. The iconic motorcycle leather jacket is also water resistant. Unique motorcycle leather jacket has a number of features like;

  • Number of pockets
  • CE Armor Protected
  • Zipper or snack closure
  • Premium stitching
  • Timeless design
  • Ventilated

So the leather motorcycle jacket is a perfect and ideal gift for the bikers as it creates the sense of fashion and also gives protection while riding.

History of Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Leather motorcycle jacket has a rich history. Here is a brief discussion about the history of leather motorcycle jackets.  In 1928, Irving Schott made the first leather motorcycle jacket for Harley Davidson named ‘Perfecto’.  After that leather motorcycle jacket gained popularity due to Hollywood stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean, who wrote them in movies named as ‘’The Wild One’’ and ‘’Rebel Without a Cause’’. So these jackets become the symbol of freedom and rebellion. Gradually leather motorcycle jacket became familiar in the next decades also named as American actor Steve McQueen.

Then it became popular among the women and now leather motorcycle jacket is a staple of fashion among motorcyclists and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Benefits of Choosing a Leather Motorcycle Jacket for Riding

Choosing a leather motorcycle jacket for riding provides several benefits for the bikers. Leather motorcycle jacket is a unique leather jacket for bikers which make their personality more stunning and offers a number of benefits like,

  • Leather motorcycle jacket provides great protection against rain, wind, and cold and road rash.
  • High quality leather motorcycle jacket is a durable jacket which is made to protect from harsh weather conditions.
  • Comfort ability of leather motorcycle jacket makes it easy to worn and offers snug fit.
  • Leather motorcycle jackets are iconic jacket with unique style and make a bold statement on the road.
  • Visibility and versatility are the great features of motorcycle leather jacket. Leather motorcycle jacket increases visibility on the road with different reflective material and color.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • High quality crafted leather jacket lasts for many years.

Chose the leather motorcycle jacket which is made from high quality leather and fit you well.

Types of Leather Used in Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jacket is a classic and iconic piece for bikers. This jacket is crafted from high quality leather to maintain the biker’s safety and comfort. Here are some high quality leather types which are used to craft motorcycle jackets.

  • Cowhide:

This a most common type of leather used to craft high quality motorcycle jacket. Cowhide is strong thick and durable leather. This type of leather makes a motorcycle jacket perfect choice with its water and dirt resistant quality.

  • Bison:

Bison leather has also same qualities like cowhide leather but has some distinctive features which make jacket’s look more rugged.

  • Lambskin:

Lambskin is very soft leather. This buttery soft leather is a lightweight and used in high quality motorcycle jackets.

  • Deerskin:

Deerskin is also soft and lightweight leather which makes the motorcycle jacket comfortable to wear.

  • Calfskin:

This leather has the durability like cowhide and softness like lambskin leather and is a great choice for those who want durability and softness of motorcycle jacket.

Key Features to Look for in a Quality Motorcycle Jacket:

While shopping for quality motorcycle jacket, look for the following key features;

  • Material like high quality leather as cowhide lambskin deerskin etc.
  • Protective padding in the elbows, shoulders and back for protection.
  • For added protection removable armor in the elbows, shoulders and back.
  • Motorcycle jacket should be water resistant.
  • Breathability like zipper vented to prevent overheating.
  • To ensure a secure fit adjustable hem, cuffs and waist.
  • Premium stitching and reflective materials for motorcycle jacket
  • Multiple pockets to save your things and mobile phone.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Look for a motorcycle jacket with CE armor certification.

Safety Features in Motorcycle Leather Jacket:

For the best protection on the road, motorcycle leather jacket should have some common safety features which are the followings;

  • CE approved armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back to protect from the road rash.
  • Reflective material like reflective panels which make you visible on the road at night.
  • Motorcycle leather jacket crafted from high quality thick leather that prevented sliding on the road.
  • Adjustable hem and cuffs to ensure the safety on road.
  • Multiple pockets to save keys, wallet, mobile phone and other things while riding.
  • Motorcycle leather jacket should be ventilated to stop overheating.
  • Water resistant motorcycle leather jacket.
  • Emergency release system which allows quickly removal of jacket in case of emergency.
  • Back protector for additional support of spine.
  • Chest protector for protection of chest and ribs.

How to Properly Fit Motorcycle Leather Jacket:

To fit properly motorcycle leather jacket is an important thing for comfort, style and safety. For proper measurements should be taken for motorcycle leather jacket. Measures with a tape of chest (widest part) sleeve length (from the centre back neck, over the shoulder, and down to wrist) waist (narrowest part) and jacket length (from the base of neck, down to desired jacket length). Check the manufacturer’s size chart. Check the armor is used in the right place for protection. Check jacket offers comfort and easy to move. Double check the fit while on riding motorcycle leather jacket does not restrict your movement. So properly fitting of a jacket is an essential for your safety on the road while riding.

Customization Options for Leather Motorcycle jacket:

Leather motorcycle jacket can be customized in a number of ways according to the biker’s preferences, style, color, size and logo. Chose a wide range of colors according to your taste. Add safety armor for elbows, shoulders and back for protection. Add reflective panels to appear visible on the road. Customize your own choice patches and logos to give your motorcycle jacket personalize look.

Choose the thread color match with the leather. Select different styles of collars like snap tab collar, zip up collar. Choose hem length according to your preference. Select cuff style of your choice.

How to Wear Motorcycle Leather Jacket:

Wearing a motorcycle jacket is not putting a jacket on, but to wear it with different styles to make your statement bold on the road. Adjust the cuffs, hems and waist to your desired fit. Zip the motorcycle leather jacket up according to your desire. Adjust the collar to your desire. To make your look more dashing wears the motorcycle leather gloves matching with your jacket. Wear helmet to make sure your safety. Put on your boots to complete your look.

Question Related to Motorcycle leather Jackets

What do you wear with a motorcycle jacket?

Usually wear motorcycle jacket a jeans or leather pent and t shirt. Put on gloves, helmet and boots for safety while on riding.

What do you wear under a motorcycle leather jacket?

Wear comfortable leather pent and t shirt or long sleeve shirt under a motorcycle leather jacket depending on the style and weather condition.

Where do you put a motorcycle leather jacket?

To maintain your style ensure the safety of your motorcycle leather jacket by putting it in wide wardrobe, hanging it on a wide hanger to maintain its look.

Is motorcycle jacket causal or formal?

A motorcycle jacket is usually considered a causal, but can be dressed up or down on various occasions according to the design and material of the jacket.