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Types and Styles of Motorcycle leather Jackets

Leather motorcycle jacket is a crucial protective gear for motorcyclists to provide them protection, safety and comfort. Wide ranges of options are available for the bikers while choosing the best quality motorcycle leather jacket. Motorcycle leather is not only designed in a one type, but also have countless designs with a number of types which suit to the biker’s personality and enhance their personality charm. There are many types and styles of motorcycle leather jacket;

Types and Styles of Motorcycle Leather jackets:

Racing leather jackets are highly crafted jackets from genuine quality leather. Different kinds of leather have been used to craft these versatile and durable jackets. Leather jackets also ensure the safety of the bikers with its advanced safety features. Safety pads are added on the back, shoulders and elbows for protection of the body. These safety pads protect the bikers from road rashes and sever injuries while on the road and off the road. Durable material is used to design these iconic pieces which make the leather jacket durable and long lasting.

Textile Jackets:

Lightweight best textile jackets are easy to wear. Textile jackets have number of key features which make these jackets worthwhile. Textile jackets are the alternative of leather jackets. Numbers of features of textile jackets are;

  • Waterproofing
  • Wind proofing
  • Protect the bikers when they fall or slide
  • Design with ventilation zipper which prevents the wearer body from overheating on hot days.
  • Multiple pockets are designed for storage.
  • To ensure the comfort of wearer adjustable cuffs and waist bands are designed.
  • In the low light of night time to make the wearer appearance visible, reflective material is used.
  • Safety padding to minimize the risk injury.

Mash Jackets:

Mash jackets have a great popularity among other leather jackets due to its durability, safety, comfort and style. MASH stands for Motorcycle Apparel for Superior Handling. Mash jackets provide the motorcycle riders high standard safety with its advanced safety features. Mash jackets have many key features and benefits for the wearer that are;

  • Mash jackets are crafted with high quality durable material.
  • Due to durable material, these jackets are durable and long lasting.
  • Customization fit, adjustable cuffs and hems.
  • For the comfort of the biker breathable system is designed.
  • Easily available in affordable price.
  • Wind proof and water resistant material is used that protects you from rain and cold harsh weather.
  • Number of pockets for storage.
  • Premium stitching.
  • Safety pads are designed.
  • Versatile design that looks great on and off the road.

Adventure Jackets:

Adventure jackets are designed to protect the bikers, to provide the style and comfort to the motorcycle riders. Adventure jackets are highly crafted leather jackets with durable materials and reflective materials. Adventure jackets are crafted for a long distance journey and for harsh weather conditions. Multiple features of adventure jackets are include;

  • Durable material
  • Breathable and ventilation system
  • Protect from the harsh weather condition
  • Armor protective for the safety
  • Wind proof and water resistant
  • Reflective material to minimize the risk of injury
  • Comfortable and stylish with safety features
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Breathable lining
  • Inner and outer pockets

Cruiser Jackets:

Cruiser jacket’s design is not like a motorcycle jacket but it also has safety features. Cruiser jackets are easy to wear, comfortable with mesh lining, ventilation system and safety armor but not in bulk. Best cruiser jackets are Pando Mato Tatami Jacket, Street and Steel Drifter Jacket, First Manufacturing Raider Jacket etc. These jackets are designed with thick high quality leather. Numbers of pockets are designed for storage. Cruiser jackets are crafted in a classic style.

Sport Jackets:

Sport jackets are an essential staple to any wardrobe. Sport jackets are suitable for many occasions like wedding, causal and formal. Sport jackets are timeless choice with its classic design. Comfortable fit sport jackets are a great choice for the wearer. Sports jacket are unique and versatile leather jackets. Sport jackets can be worn on both formal and causal occasions. Sport jackets can be styled with jeans and different accessories like belts and ties. These jackets are designed in many styles and colors.

Touring Jackets:

Touring jackets are also protected jackets. Touring jackets are designed for comfort and protection of the bikers. Touring jackets are designed for long tours and riding. These jackets have number of features like;

  • Comfortable fit
  • Crafted from high quality leather
  • Number of pockets for storage
  • Premium double stitching
  • Reflective material
  • Customization options for adjustable fit

Touring jackets are designed perfectly to adjust perfectly with safety armor to safe the bikers from road injuries. Touring jackets can be worn on the day all and for the riding and racing as well. These are highly crafted leather jackets.

Classic Jackets:

Classic jackets are designed with durable materials and are lightweight. Classic jackets are iconic jackets and easy to wear. These stylish classic jackets are perfect for causal riding and have the features of;

  • Lightweight material
  • Armor padding
  • Number of pockets
  • Genuine quality leather
  • Easy to wear
  • Classic design that go on for many decades

Motorcycle jackets come in a variety of styles and types with a number of features. Motorcycle jackets with its unique features and designs are perfect choice for the bikers and fashion enthusiast. The selection of the right jacket according to the event and weather can make your style more bold and stunning.


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