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History of Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jacket is protective jacket that ensure the safety of the bikers on the road and on the other hand offer the individuality to your personality. History of motorcycle jacket goes back many decades such as early 20th century. After that motorcycle jacket became popular with its more advanced safety features, genuine durable material and modern technologies and unique designs. Motorcycle jacket has gained a name not only men but also became a popular allure of fashion among women as well. Motorcycle jacket history reveal that it is not only a biker jacket but also popular among fashion enthusiasts. Here is the following history of motorcycle jacket;

1920s 1940s:

Early years of 1920s, motorcycle jackets were crafted with the genuine different kinds of leather. Motorcycle jackets were designed with safety features to protect the bikers from road rashes and accidents. These jackets were famous due to its durability and functionality and were liked by the motorcycle enthusiasts and racers who care for their durability. In the World War II, motorcycle jackets became the symbol of rebellion and ruggedness because these were worn by military pilots and dispatch riders.

1940s 1960s Post War Era:

Motorcycle jacket has gained more popularity in the post war era due to its likeness by the civilians. Civilians in the post war era wore the motorcycle leather jacket. In the 1928, Schott Perfecto Leather jacket was designed that become very popular among bikers. This leather jacket has become a classic design jacket due to its design of zipper closure and waist belt.

1960s 1980s

1960s and 1980s was the era of counterculture and rebellion. In this era motorcycle clubs and gangs presented the image of rebellious of motorcycle jacket. In this era motorcycle jacket became the symbol of freedom and bright colors and embroidered patches designs jackets gained popularity.

Modern Era:

In the modern era motorcycle jacket has become more popular due to its quality material like Karla and polyester. Due to modern technologies motorcycle jacket has become more durable due to durable material to design versatile leather jackets. In the modern age motorcycle jackets are designed with advanced safety features and numbers of customization options are available.

Today motorcycle jackets come in wide range with a classic modern style. Many brands like Ducati, Kwasaki and Harley Davidson offer a high quality material leather jackets that ensure the safety, style and comfort on and off the road. So the history of motorcycle leather jacket is rich as it goes back many decades. From the symbol of rebellion now the motorcycle leather jacket has become more popular with its iconic style and advanced features of safety and best quality material.


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