MotoGP Leather Suit

Why Buy the Alpinestars Challenger MotoGP Leather Suit


After World War II, the soldiers were given motorcycles to return to their homes and run messages. They wore leather suits to protect themselves that were inspired by the flight jackets. These outfits originated for the military but later the designers started to create them for the public as well. They have been used by stunt racers to be on a safer side so all of their body is protected with the string material and padding inside it. Just like the military, our fashion industry gets a lot of inspiration from the automotive industry. We can say that the Alpinestars Challenger Motogp Leather Suit is an example of that. 

It will protect you against weather, harsh winds during the bike ride, and whatnot. Motorcyclists know how risky it is to be on two wheels and any unforeseen accident can cause many problems. To be safe from that, they have to wear these MotoGP leather suits. If you are looking for one, is the perfect spot to find your favorite suit. 

Benefits of a MotoGP Leather Suit

Unlike fashion jackets, these aren’t just to show off. They are way more practical and advantage us in many ways. We can count many benefits when it comes to leather suits but here are the ultimate reasons to buy it. 

Protection from Accidents 

Riders know how important it is to keep yourself safe because accidents don’t come after an announcement and you need to be prepared all the time. The material of this Alex Rins Suzuki MotoGP 2019 Suit is abrasion resistant so it will save you from any cuts. In case of a severe accident, in case you fly off from the bike, the suit will save you from scratching on the surface and hurt your skin. This way you can stay protected from minor cuts and scratches. Another thing that we love about the suit is that it has protective padding in the vulnerable areas like shoulders, knees, and elbows and it will give extra protection from a serious injury. 

Protection from Weather and other Elements

While riding, the wind can be very harsh, and different elements can hit you. So when you are going fast, you need to be safe from such elements. Also, when your bike hits something and this collision is heavy, you will be protected. We can call it some extra safety because not just from the wipeouts, it also saves you from harsh weather. You can wear your leather suit all year long no matter what the season is. It will keep you away from cold and you’ll stay warm wearing the suit even in the chilliest weather. If it’s hot outside, you can open up the ventilation and you are good to go. You will not get sunburn because all of your body is covered. Your skin will be safe from any elements in the wind due to moving so fast.

Waterproof and Safe Storage

What we love about these suits is that it has tons of waterproof pockets inside and out of the suit so you can store all of your stuff easily. Keep your keys and similar stuff in the outward pockets and things that need to be away from water like cash, chits, bills, and wallet inside the suit. You can keep all the small gear that is necessary to keep you going in all the pockets without having to carry a separate bag with you. 

This way your ride will be safe and comfortable. You can get your MotoGP leather suit from Jackleathers for high-quality material and great style. 


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